Educational & Care Transport Services

Premier Cars operates transport services for several local boroughs covering their needs for adult and social care and school Runs transport.

We actively plan and organize educational transport for eligible pupils and students, adhering to Premier Cars’ policies. Our primary focus is to optimize service efficiency and cost-effectiveness while prioritizing passenger safety and equality. This involves meticulous coordination of routes and schedules to ensure timely and reliable transportation. We maintain a proactive approach in addressing the diverse needs of passengers, ensuring equitable access and comfortable travel experiences for all School Runs.

Safety remains paramount, with stringent measures in place to uphold the well-being of every passenger throughout their journey. Our commitment extends to fostering an inclusive environment where all passengers feel valued and respected. By continuously evaluating and refining our operations, we strive to uphold the highest standards of service delivery for School Runs, reinforcing our dedication to excellence in educational transport management.

Our crew members are all DBS cleared, trained in PATS (Passenger Assistant Training) & First Aid at work; furthermore, They are also Child Safeguarding trained which helps ensure we provide services to the highest standard.

We have dedicated, diligent, trained controllers who are available 24 hours a day to assist with any matters relating to your transport requirements.

This code of good practice provides guidelines and support for pupils, parents, schools, passenger assistants and drivers to ensure that transport provided by us is safe and effective.

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